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Patient Focused Care

Wiregrass Medical Center is built for patient focused care. Our patients have access to advanced technology in a hospital specially designed for their treatment and recovery. From admission until discharge, patient care focuses on personal needs, comfort and convenience.

WMC Employment

Wiregrass Medical Center is a 67 acute care bed hospital, a Nursing Home with 96 beds, and a Sr. Care Unit with 16 beds. Being part of the community has been an important goal throughout the years, and with your help and loyalty we can continue to provide health services that you can depend on.

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Price Transparency

Thank you for choosing Wiregrass Medical Center for your healthcare needs. Our goal is for each of our patients and their families to have the best healthcare experience possible. Part of our commitment is to provide you with information that helps you make informed decisions about your care.

Hospital prices are the same for all patients, although total charges will vary based on level of acuity and service utilization. Patient responsibility will vary based on your health insurance payor and your level of health insurance coverage. If the services you receive are covered by your insurance, your benefits will determine how much you will be required to pay out-of-pocket.

Under the law, healthcare providers need to give patients who don't have insurance (or who are not using insurance) a Good Faith Estimate of the total expected cost of non-emergency items of service.

PLEASE NOTE: The pricing lists below show charges prior to contract negotiations with individual insurance providers. They may be useful for comparing pricing with other hospitals, but they DO NOT indicate actual costs to patients.

Standard Charges

Standard Charges For Wiregrass Medical Center

Other Pricing Models

Shoppable Services Pricing

Standard Charges DRG Chargmaster Pricing

Average Charges Services Pricing

Unavailable Shoppable Services Pricing

Online Estimator, E.T.C.

Additional Transparent Pricing Information