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Patient Focused Care

Wiregrass Medical Center is built for patient focused care. Our patients have access to advanced technology in a hospital specially designed for their treatment and recovery. From admission until discharge, patient care focuses on personal needs, comfort and convenience.

WMC Employment

Wiregrass Medical Center is a 67 acute care bed hospital, a Nursing Home with 96 beds, and a Sr. Care Unit with 16 beds. Being part of the community has been an important goal throughout the years, and with your help and loyalty we can continue to provide health services that you can depend on.

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Photo of a medical professional sitting beside and older man and woman reviewing information on a clipboard.
Photo of a medical professional sitting beside and older man and woman reviewing information on a clipboard.

Patient Information

Room Amenities

Each patient has a private telephone number so family and friends can call the patient directly. Although patients can make outgoing calls anytime, incoming calls to patient rooms are blocked from 9 p.m. - 7 a.m. and at any other time that the patient arranges phone blocking. For assistance with long distance calls, please dial "0" for our operator.

Every room is equipped with cable television. A cable guide is provided in the patient packet of information obtained upon admission to our facility.

Mail and Flowers
Patient mail is delivered to patient rooms daily. Flowers are delivered to the room by the florist.

Lost and Found
Any patient who has misplaced any personal items, please notify a nurse/and or the admission clerk as soon as possible.

Waiting Areas
Comfortable waiting areas are located throughout the hospital. Please ask for the location of the nearest waiting area.

Prayer Room
Our prayer room is located near the surgical waiting area. Please ask for assistance if needed. Newspapers Both the Dothan Eagle and the Geneva County Reaper are available for purchase in the front of the facility near the outpatient entrance.


Vending Machines Snacks and sodas are available in vending machines located near Cafe' Med and at the corner of the 500 Hall. Dining Wiregrass Medical Center has a spacious cafeteria, Cafe' Med, that is available for visitors. Cafe' Med is located between the Hospital and Nursing Home. It is open 7 days a week from 6:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Meal times/choices are outlined below:
Breakfast A hot breakfast buffet and grill is available from 6:00 - 9:30 a.m.
Lunch A hot lunch buffet and grill is available from 11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Dinner Cafe Med is closed; however, two vending areas with snacks are available 24/7.

Guest Trays
If a family member is required to stay with a patient, a guest tray may be requested. The guest and patient trays are served together when the patient receives their meal. To make arrangements please see a nurse for information.

Before You Arrive

Your physician may give you special instructions depending on whether you will undergo surgery or another type of procedure. Please follow these important instructions. Check with your physician for pre-op guidelines. Although these guidelines vary, some general advisories may be as follows:

Eating and Drinking
For your safety, unless instructed differently by your surgeon, do not eat or drink anything (including water, gum, hard candy) after midnight prior to your scheduled procedure. This is essential in preventing potential complications during and after anesthesia. Your surgery or procedure may be cancelled if this guideline is violated.

Please bring a list of all medications you are currently taking. This includes all prescription medications, routinely used over-the-counter medications, and any herbal/nutritional supplements. Your physician will prescribe your medications during your hospital stay.

As a facility committed to life, health, and well-being, Wiregrass Medical Center recognizes the risk to health caused by smoking. We do not allow smoking within any building on our campus. If you are a smoker, we strongly recommend that you quit smoking for your own health.

Before your surgery/procedure, be sure you know the date and time you are expected to arrive at Wiregrass Medical Center. In preparing for hospitalization, it is easy to overlook this important fact. You will also need to determine whether someone should accompany you to the hospital and home. If you are scheduled for same-day surgery, you may receive sedation or pain medication that will render you unable to drive or to travel alone.

What time should you arrive for surgery?

Please consult with the physician/surgeon for hospital arrival/surgery time.

What to Bring With You

Special Needs and Requests
Your nurse will assist you will any questions and special needs. Please feel free to discuss any needs that you may have with him/her.

Language Translation
Foreign Language translation is available. Please let your nurse know if you need this service.

If You Are the Patient For ambulatory (same-day) surgery, a medical procedure, or for a longer stay, we advise you to:

Wear loose fitting clothes.
Bring your eye-glasses, hearing aid, or other assistive device if it will make you feel more comfortable.
You will be asked to remove your contact lenses prior to your surgery.
If you require special toiletries, please bring them with you. If not, we will provide them if you will be staying overnight.

If Your Child is the Patient
Hospitals can intimidate children (and their parents). It is normal for children (and sometimes adults) to be afraid and anxious. The following may help make your child's hospital stay less stressful:

Listen and Talk
We encourage you and your child to ask questions at any time. Listen to your child. Give your child permission to ask questions, to cry, and to talk about feelings. Let your child know it is okay to be afraid and to say something hurts. Share your feelings too. Keep your child and family members up to date about what is happening. Information helps create peace of mind. A member of the healthcare team is always nearby to help.

Things to Bring:
Audio or Videotapes
A favorite stuffed animal or blanket.
Hearing Aids
Corrective Shoes or other Orthopedic Aids.
A list of medications your child is taking. Schoolwork, if appropriate.

Financial Assistance

Please click on the link below to read our policy regarding Financial Assistance.

Wiregrass Medical Center Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Summary

Financial Assistance Application